I was in my cave through the weekend

Cave is an analogy for a state of mind, “place” or condition to get your peace of mind. It’s not a guaranteed that you can get peace though, it’s more like you put yourself aside from the “reality”. Throw away your cellphone is the best thing you can do. It’s guilty pleasure.

Everyday, especially in weekdays you always dealt with people, uncertainty situation, people’s ego, etc. You want to step back or ask for timeout and recharge. In your cave, you can do whatever you want without any distraction from other people. You just want to refresh and put yourself back on the track.

But, after the weekend is nearly over. You will feel dreading. It’s like “Schrödinger’s cat”. You don’t know about what things happened through the weekend. Are people looking for you and need your help? Are people looking for you for something important? If it’s yes, it would be escalate your anxiety. If it’s not, you will not feel relieve though. You will only feel “okay, lucky me that things didn’t happened”.

It’s not right or wrong condition, but it’s something that people need. It’s just your pitstop. Relaxed a bit before we get ready to go outside our cave.

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